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I’m Alyn Caley,

a Transformation Facilitator and Somatic Inner Healing Guide for Women of Impact & Influence.


My mission is to guide one million women into their own awakening through inner child healing, heart intimacy and embodiment work, so they can live a life of passion, purpose and prosperity. 


I am here to be your guide on the journey back to yourself: heart, body & soul.


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It is your birthright to experience a life of freedom.

A life fueled by your deepest desires, passion-driven purpose, creativity, and your most powerful gifts, and the key to this freedom starts within.

I believe that every human has an individual spark within themselves, a powerful story that God ingrained in their DNA, a story that the world needs to hear.

A story that will leave a legacy of love, healing, and truth.

A story that will impact millions.

"Alyn is one of those people you hope to meet in your life. Decades of self imposed stress, turmoil and sadness were finally realized and released thanks to her. She has given me my life back."


- Erin B

Together, we will reignite your inner spark, so you can wake up with a lust for life that drives you to create a legacy of impact, purpose, and love in this world for generations to come.


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You are here to live a life of pure joy, and it’s waiting for you, all you have to do is receive it, Queen!


This pilgrimage back home to who God shaped you to be is about shattering the barriers that have held you back from remembering the love and abundance that you already are.

Create an intimate connection with yourself, your heart and God, so you can experience life and relationships from a place of openness, truth and Divine love.

Identify your inner creative genius, feel inspired to use your unique gifts and talents and actualize your desires into reality.

Reconnect back to your innate potential through mindset and inner healing work, and claim a life dripping with prosperity and empowered decision making.

Meet your emotional wounds with love and grace, create a roadmap to forgiveness and break free from the chains of trauma that have kept you stuck and overwhelmed.

You are a Divine gift to this world.


This is coming home.

This is yours, Queen.


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